Welcome to Mimamsa Diary

 means “Reflection” or “Critical Investigation” in Sanskrit.  This blog is about reflections on noteworthy architecture and urban design.  It is a record of my reflections, research and travels across time – Mimamsa Diary.  

Mimamsa Diary

I have personally visited many of the sites included here.  Some have been of great interest to me because of their significance to the field of architecture, while others have been a source of curiosity and research.  As a college student, I travelled extensively in the United States, India, Greece, Italy and Egypt along with brief stops at various European destinations.  During my early career, I continued to explore destinations in the US, Mexico and Central America.  My focus has always been to explore the architectural and cultural history, and to gain deeper insights into people and places.  Over the years since then, I have taken solo trips or travelled as a family to destinations in Europe, Asia and South America.  The most recent travel was to Thailand and Indonesia, just before the pandemic hit us. 

Join the Exploration

Although this blog is a personal diary of my thoughts, reflections, research, and travels, I am hoping that readers like you will gain important insights on noteworthy works of architecture and urban design.  It may also inspire you to take a trip or simply give you a way to explore various destinations without leaving your home.

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