How to unleash your creativity: Digital Design Studio for Beginners

How to unleash your creativity: Digital design studio for beginners

Creative thinking is at the center of what we do. We use design sensibilities when we pick an outfit to wear, a car to drive or an apartment to rent.  We are drawn to certain works of art, poetry, architecture or digital media. This online digital design studio is for you if you wish to explore what drives your inner creativity.

A little about myself

As an architect, I have studied, practiced and taught architecture for over 40 years.  My creative mindset keeps me abreast of new technologies for design, construction and fabrication.  My work has garnered awards and has been published in various publications.  I have worked and travelled extensively and have witnessed the challenges of global practice.  This is a preview of what I may be teaching to a graduate class in New York City.

Who should take digital design studio?

This digital design studio is for you if you are not a typical design professional.  You do not need to be a design student or have mastery over design principles or styles.  In fact, this course is for you if you have never considered yourself a designer.  This is not a lecture course where you will listen and memorize what I have to offer.  It is a laboratory where you will explore, learn and create your own projects.  It will awaken your inner creativity and prepare you to apply design thinking to your everyday tasks.

Why should you take this course?

This course is not intended to turn you into a design professional but it will allow you to appreciate design and planning challenges related to real estate development. Initially it will be offered to real estate development students at a major university in New York City.  This digital design studio will be a bridge between practice oriented real estate development courses and a capstone course on real estate feasibility study.  In addition to spurring your creativity, it will assist you in selecting a design professional who can turn your ideas into reality.  

New York City

We will use New York City as our laboratory and explore challenges related to design of new commercial buildings.  We will explore zoning issues related to New York City properties and learn to create a 3D massing model for a specific site.  We will learn how to use an open source 3D modeling program called Blender and create digital massing models.  We will learn how to present our findings through visually rich presentations.  And all this will happen over a period of eight weeks.  You will watch short video clips, go through reading materials and work on hands-on assignments at your own pace and at your own convenience.  You will devote approximately 3 to 6 hours each week to complete this course.

Background reading material and video

Please watch this short video that illustrates how to create a 3D massing model using Blender.  If you take this course, you will produce 3D massing models for a specific site in New York City.  Please read following publications to get you started on this journey.

Title image:  Lower Manhattan Skyline.  By King of Hearts – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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