Jane's Carousel at Brooklyn Bridge Park NY

Minimalist Architecture: Jane’s Carousel, Brooklyn NY

As a freestanding pavilion, Jane’s Carousel at Brooklyn Bridge Park in New York City captures people’s imagination and invites them to explore the park.  With its minimalist design, folding exterior translucent facades and exposed steel structure the pavilion sits comfortably in its waterfront environment.  

At the Foothills of the Brooklyn Bridge
At the Foothills of Brooklyn Bridge 2

Getting there

If you want to experience great architecture in the middle of fast paced New York City, you must visit Jane’s Carousel at the Brooklyn Bridge Park.  It is easily accessible by mass transit and is located a few feet from the East River. It is visible as a shining jewel from many vantage points and attracts attention of regular visitors as well as tourists.  The pavilion was designed by internationally acclaimed architect Jean Nouvel

The Close-up of the Pavilion
The Close-up of the Pavilion 3

Modernist pavilion for Jane’s Carousel

The Carousel was originally built in 1922 and measures 50 feet in diameter. It sits comfortably in the middle of the square pavilion. The pavilion’s primary structure consists of four cylindrical steel columns which are set back from its façades. The East and West façades of the pavilion consist of transparent acrylic panels.  The other two facades consist of full height folding doors offering panoramic views of the river to the North and the park to the South.  With its simple geometry and subdued colors, the pavilion remains in the background and allows the visitors to explore the sights, sounds and the magic of the carousel. 

The Carousel
The Carousel 4

Modernist playground for children

There is something very playful that makes this pavilion a masterful work of architecture.  It is designed from the perspective of a young child. What does a carousel mean to a child? It must offer a fun ride where the child is temporarily transported to an imaginary world of colorful horses and pageantry. As a prince or princess riding on a colorful horse waiving to parents and onlookers, each child becomes a mythical hero.  This magical experience is enhanced by light, sound, color and movement into the minimalist architecture of Jane’s Carousel.

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