The Making of Mimamsa Diary

From blog posts to e-book like a swarm of birds

These blog posts capture my reflections as an architect, college professor, practitioner, code official, thinker, and a tourist.  They constitute Mimamsa Diary.  

The power of the collective

The swarming of birds shows the power of collective movement which transcends the individual flight path of a single bird. Similarly, I hope that the collection of these blog posts transcend the individual posts and create a composite picture of a personal journey that is full of intrigue, excitement and adventure.

On Architectural Education

  1. Iowa’s Changing Downtowns  
  2. Indigenous Architecture of Chaco Canyon            
  3. A Sustainable Island Community: Mexcaltitlan
  4. The future of studio culture
  5. 3D printed concrete bridge
  6. Mass Customization Through Digital Design, Singapore

On Architectural Practice

  1. Buddhist Torana at Kearny NJ Town Hall
  2. Headquarters Building Entrance Inspired by Indian Architecture, Jersey City NJ
  3. Smart Growth with Light Rail Transit, Jersey City NJ
  4. Urban Interventions, Bloomfield NJ
  5. Architecture of Interconnectedness: IIM Bangalore          
  6. Louis Kahn’s Legacy Lives on at IIM Ahmedabad

On Building Department Processes

  1. An oasis amid electric grid failure: Puerto Rico Convention Center
  2. What you don’t know can be fatal: Safety First
  3. Building Permit Processes: No lines, no waiting, build today

On Architectural Destinations

  1. A Sustainable Home for a Buddhist Monk, Junagadh, India
  2. The Stepped Well of Adalaj, India            
  3. The Sun Temple at Modhera, India          
  4. Dholavira: The Rise and Fall of a Harrapan City
  5. The Great Wisdom from Ancient Greece
  6. Great Urban Design: Piazza Navona, Rome          
  7. Buddhist Architecture of Borobudur, Indonesia     
  8. A Glimpse of Modern Architecture: Panch Mahal, India
  9. A Glimpse of Minimalist Architecture: Jantar Mantar

On Contemporary Architecture

  1. Ice Cube for the 2022 Winter Games      
  2. The Starfish has landed: Beijing’s new international airport
  3. A Trapped Whale: Budapest Architecture
  4. Big and bold architecture: Copenhagen, Denmark
  5. American Acropolis: Getty Center, Los Angeles
  6. Bruce Museum Addition, Greenwich CT
  7. Contextually Modern Architecture: Grace Farms, New Canaan CT
  8. Minimalist Architecture: Jane’s Carousel, Brooklyn NY

On Vernacular Architecture

  1. Hasan Fathy’s Postmodern Vernacular Architecture
  2. Vernacular Architecture: Thailand’s Floating Market

On Architectural Books

1 The New Landscape: Urbanization in the Third World by Charles Correa
2 Formal Structure in Indian Architecture by Klaus Herdeg
3 Formal Structure in Islamic Architecture of Iran and Turkistan by Klaus Herdeg

On New Architectural Products

  1. 3D Printing of Entire Buildings

On Zoning and Planning

On Noteworthy Legal Issues

  1. Copyright Protection for Architectural Works
  2. ADA Compliance for Business Websites

On Building Code Determinations

Title image:  Just as swarming is a collective behavior of individual birds in flight, these individual blogs when put together narrate a compelling story.  Swarm of birds Christoffer A Rasmussen (Rasmussen29892 at da.wikipedia), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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