Bharat Gami
Bharat Gami

About Mimamsa Diary

Mimamsa is a Sanskrit word which means reflections. Mimamsa Diary is a collection of reflections on more than four decades of work as an architect, college professor and code official. Just as a flock of birds moving gracefully together in the sky displays the power of collective movement, I hope that these short essays create an elegant picture of professional and personal journey full of intrigue, excitement and adventure.

Mimamsa Diary ebook

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About the author

Bharat Gami was born and raised in the western state of Gujrat in India. Bharat grew up in an airy urban apartment overlooking a busy street in the city of Rajkot, surrounded by six siblings and his parents.  He spoke Gujarati at home and did not speak much English until he graduated from high school to pursue higher education.  After an undergraduate degree in architecture and one year of internship with a noted Indian architect, he continued his studies in the United States.  His fascination with the world of research and teaching kept him in the academic world for 12 more years.  He taught architecture in the United States and Mexico before commencing his architectural practice.  He met and married his wife in 1986 in New Jersey, and together they have two highly accomplished daughters.