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Bharat Gami
Bharat Gami

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Bharat Gami was born and raised in the western state of Gujrat in India, which was a part of the Indus Valley civilization 4,000 years ago.  Bharat grew up in an airy urban apartment overlooking a busy street in the city of Rajkot, surrounded by six siblings and his parents.  He spoke Gujarati at home and did not learn much English until he graduated from high school to pursue higher education.  He studied architecture for five years and after one year of internship with a noted Indian architect, he continued his studies for two more years in the United States.  His fascination with the world of research and teaching kept him in the academic world for 12 more years.  He taught architecture in the United States and Mexico before finally graduating from the academic world and entering the profession of architecture.  He met and married his lovely wife while still teaching at a University. He is a proud father of two highly accomplished daughters.

About Mimamsa Diary

Mimamsa Diary captures Bharat’s reflections on architecture and urban design; truly reflective of the word “Mimamsa” which means “to think, consider, examine, or investigate” in Sanskrit. 

“To see what few have seen you must go where few have been.” Buddha

“The greatest thing a human being ever does in this world is to see something… To see clearly is poetry, prophecy and religion all in one.” John Ruskin

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  1. Hello Bharatbhai,

    Great to read about Bloomfield project. I did not know about the web site. I will now check the website frequently and I will let others in the family know about it.



    1. Thank you, Ajay. I had been meaning to write about my travels and architectural projects for quite some time. The pandemic finally Offred an opportunity to put my thoughts together!

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