Priceless gadgets to survive next climate disaster

8 Priceless Gadgets to survive next Climate Disaster

2022 has taught us that the next major climate event may arrive sooner than we expect. How do we prepare for it? Here is a list of 8 “must have” gadgets for you and your loved ones. Note: When you buy through product links, I may earn commission as an Amazon Affiliate.

Power Inverter for Car.  (Approximately $15) This handy gadget will convert car’s cigarette lighter plug into 110V AC Outlet for Phone, iPad, Laptop, Camera, Camping, etc.  It will act as a life saver in the event of power outage or if you are stranded on the road.  With 50 million people expected to travel during the holiday season, this little inverter will allow you to stay connected and handle some of the daily routines remotely. 

Wireless portable solar charger.  (Approximately $ 38) This handy phone-sized portable solar charger has up to 8 days of reliable power on a single recharge.  It delivers 8 charges for iPhone 11, 6 charges for Galaxy S10 or 3 charges for iPad mini on a single recharge.  This solar charger is 99Wh, so it can be carried on an airplane.  Current regulations limit power banks to a maximum of 100Wh.  It can only be carried in hand luggage since airlines prohibit you to carry it in checked baggage.  You can fully charge your power bank in 7 hours with a USB C charger.

Portable power station
Portable power station. Photo by Jackery Power Station on Unsplash

USB LED emergency light.  (Approximately $ 10) This 5W portable USB emergency lamp will work with any USB port.  It comes with a metal wire hook, on/off switch and long service life of 35,000 hours.   It is easy to carry, and provides lighting during power outages and other emergencies.

First Aid Kit for Emergency.  (Approximately $10) This first aid kit has everything you need in case of an emergency.  It includes 150 pieces of useful and high quality first aid supplies.  It is waterproof, compact, lightweight and portable and you can even add a few things if they are small in size. 

Portable Power Bank / Solar Generator with AC Outlet.  (Approximately $ 100) This portable power bank with AC Outlet, 146Wh/39600mAh battery and 110V/100W inverter is great for home emergency use during power outage.  It is powerful enough to charge everyday electronics such as laptops, phones, tablets, cameras, drones, fans and in-car appliances.  As an AC power bank, it is an essential item during hurricanes, tornados and other climate related emergencies.  It can also be recharged using portable Solar Panels. 

40W Portable Solar Panels for 100-300W Portable Power Station.  (Approximately $ 70) Lightweight foldable solar panel can be folded into a handbag with a portable size of 13.3 x 11 x 2 inches.  It is convenient to be carried wherever you go.  The cable comes with 5.5X2.1mm DC connector at both ends, and it includes 10-in-1 connector adapters to connect to other devices. 

Pack of emergency foil mylar thermal blankets.  (Approximately $ 9) This pack of ten waterproof thermal blankets is essential for first aid kits and emergencies.  It retains body heat and deflects solar heat away from the body.  Each blanket measures 52″ long and 84″ wide. 

53 Gallon portable rain barrel.  (Approximately $63) This rain barrel can collect 53 gallons of rainwater.  A water pipe at the bottom outlet valve is designed to irrigate or clean your garden or lawn.  It is made of 1000D PVC mesh cloth, which prevents damage during harsh weather.  It has a high flow spigot which can fill small containers such as buckets and spray cans and a downspout spigot which can connect to a hose to water your plants. 

Title image: Photo by Jackery Power Station on Unsplash

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