Travel postcard from Doha

Postcard Greetings from Doha, Qatar

Greetings from Doha, Qatar!! After my brief layover at Doha airport, I created these postcards as a way to remember what I experienced. It is also a way to share my memories with others.

Doha, Qatar airport
Airports used to be places where you simply passed through. The idea was to enter, check-in, board an aircraft, and leave. But modern airports are destinations where you could, rest, eat, entertain, pray, amuse yourself or simply lounge around. Doha’s Hamad International airport is one such destination. The airport opened for business in 2014 and when fully completed, it will be able to accommodate 30 to 75 million passengers per year. The airport is named after the former Emir of Qatar, Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani.

Doha airport. Greetings from Doha, Qatar.

Destination airport
This is an awesome airport. Many people use it as a transit airport between their destinations in Europe and Asia. Some end up spending a night here. There are expensive airport lounges right here at the airport. If you can afford to spend $300 per night you can stay at the Oryx transit hotel at the airport. It comes fully equipped with an indoor swimming pool, fitness center, spa and 24 hour concierge. For those, who cannot afford such prices, there are comfortable lounge chairs at the ends of various terminals.

Retail shops and amusement
A walk through the airport feels like walking through a mall with luxury retail stores and shops lining both sides. There is a monorail that connects various terminals in case you get tired of walking. The food court at the airport is amazing with a wide variety of ethnic and international dishes.

Travel postcard from Doha, Qatar

Reviving an old tradition
I remember receiving colorful postcards from my uncle when he was traveling through Europe. That was the seventies. That was before the arrival of digital cameras, smart phones, and the Internet. Do travel postcards still have relevance? Judging by the travel postcards available for purchase from online retailers, it seems that they are still relevant. How could I create travel postcards for the millennials?

Mobile Phone screensavers from Doha, Qatar

Postcards with pre-filled text
People love to take photos and send them instantly via social networking sites or SMS text messages. There is an instant gratification of taking the photos as well as making them available to the loved ones. The pain point seems to be the needed time to write what these photos represent. So, I decided to create travel postcards with pre-filled text citing fun facts about travel destinations. All you have to do is to sign, enter address, place stamp and mail it. You may also send it digitally.

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