Greetings from Lodz, Poland

Postcard Greetings from Lodz, Poland

Lodz is a wonderful example of an industrial city of the past that has been reinvigorated as a thriving center for new technologies and media arts. It has produced many world renowned writers, architects, actresses, models and composers. Greetings from Lodz.

From an Industrial Center to a Center for New Technologies and Media
Lodz is the third-largest city in Poland and a short train ride from Warsaw. It was once an industrial center. It has experienced resurgence as a center for high tech and media industries. It has many tourist attractions such as Piotrkowska Street, Manufaktura, and the Museum of Art.

Greetings from Lodz, Poland.

Dark Past of Radegast train station
Radegast train station was a historic railway station in Lodz. It’s dark past as a train station to transport Jews to their deaths during World War II still haunts the city. The train station has been renovated and converted into a museum. It is a solemn tourist attraction and a grave reminder of the horrors of war and persecution of Jews.

Greetings from Lodz’s Entertainment Districts
Lodz has many entertainment districts with public arts, diverse food scene, and plenty of lively bars. I stayed at a hotel on Kilinskiego Street, which is situated near the Galeria shopping center. The hotel was close to the city center. It was 2 kilometers from the Lodz Fabryczna railway station and within walking distance from the colorful Piotrkowska Centrum tram station. The tram station is at the corner of a historic road known as Piotrkowska.

6 Assorted Mobile Phone Screensavers from Lodz, Poland

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