Greetings from Warsaw

Postcard Greetings from Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw is a fascinating city with equally fascinating people. People of Warsaw are known as Varsovians. A UNESCO world heritage site, Warsaw is notable for its indestructability and Jewish heritage. Greetings from Warsaw.

From WW2 to a thriving metropolis
Warsaw is the capital of Poland. It was founded in the 13th century and became the capital of Mazovia in 1413. It remained an important city throughout the middle centuries. Warsaw was destroyed by the Nazi Germany during World War II and has since been rebuilt as a thriving city with many cultural attractions and a vibrant nightlife.

Postcard from Warsaw

History of Polish Jews
Some of the top tourist attractions in Warsaw include: the old town, Royal Castle, Palace of Culture and Science, Warsaw Uprising Museum and Wilanów Palace. In addition to these sites, I visited the Polin Museum. It is instrumental in preserving and restoring the History of Polish Jews. The museum is located on the site of a former Warsaw Ghetto. It is also a shining example of modern architecture.

10 Assorted Postcards from Warsaw

Greetings from Warsaw: A city of Efficient Mass Transit
Warsaw’s public transportation system includes buses, trams, and metro lines. The public transportation is fast and inexpensive. I took a bus from Warsaw Chopin Airport to the old town market square. The 40-minute bus ride gave a pretty good overview of the city and its development. I stayed near Plac Starynkiewicza, which is a square in Warsaw. It was easy to get to by bus and light rail from the airport.

6 Phone screensavers from Warsaw

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